womanImproving your brain health can be as simple as getting more of a nutrient that you naturally neglect. These days it is a lot harder to get the adequate amount of choline, which is a natural precursor for the brain chemical acetylcholine. If you are trying to improve your health with a choline product, it is a good idea for your to look at the two most prevalent sources – alpha GPC and CDP choline. These are the two best for your purposes because they are potent and do not require your body to process excess supplements.

Alpha GPC – this is one of the best choline sources, as we have described, because it is so potent. Compared to some of the other options for choline, alpha GPC is useful because it is potent and it offers a lot of other side effects and advantages as well. For example, someone who is using alpha GPC will find some strength and growth hormone benefits that can be beneficial as well. Making sure that you are able to get the right option for choline makes a big difference.

CDP Choline – getting alpha GPC might help you with things like growth hormone, but there are other options like CDP choline (also called citicoline) that can help you to get the adequate amount of the choline nutrient. You’re going to have a lot of benefits from using CDP choline, but they will be slightly different than alpha GPC.

When deciding which of these two you are going to get, you do not have to go through much of a process. Both are equally good for different reasons. What you really want to avoid is something like choline bitartrate or lecithin. These options are going to cause you to take higher doses for less results!

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